”A master of the mind.”
★ ★ ★ ★

The West Australian

”Smart, confident, and entertaining."

The Magic Circle

”Think Derren Brown's better-looking but equally charismatic apprentice and you're just about there."

Student Rag Magazine

”World class illusionist.”

Wiltshire Times

”Holy cow!
That was amazing!”

NBC’s Access Hollywood Live

”A sheer force of wit, charisma, and style.”

Avenoir Magazine

"His charismatic charm and devilish good looks had the audience eating out of his hands within seconds.”

North West End

”Stunningly scary powers."

The Sussex Newspaper

About Alex McAleer

Alex McAleer possesses the uncanny ability to apparently tap into his audiences' minds and read their thoughts at will.

However he doesn’t pretend to be a ‘psychic’ who reads fortunes or talks to the dead. Instead he reads people and talks to the living, combining contemporary mind reading with sharp wit and a flair for showmanship.

Being an only-child, Alex had many hobbies growing-up, including magic, but it wasn’t until his mother passed away when he was fourteen years old that he began to study the manipulation techniques of psychics, mentalists, and hypnotists.

Gradually, he taught himself the unusual skills and techniques that have since taken him all over the world.

Alex has made countless international television appearances including ITV’s Good Morning Britain (UK), Seven Network’s Today Tonight (Australia), and NBC’s Access Hollywood (USA).

He has performed his award nominated one-man show to sold-out crowds in the UK and Australia. He has entertained corporate clients ranging from independent companies to household names such as Aviva, TSB, and Virgin Atlantic.

Alex is also a successful writer in the magic world, having written several books on his own techniques and delivered lectures to psychology students, mentalists, and magicians at the prestigious Magic Circle.

Since 2014 Alex has toured extensively with the illusion show Champions of Magic in England, Scotland, Wales, the USA and Canada.


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